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"The Rosenkrantz Emerald sums up everything we love about gemstones and Colombian emeralds in particular. When looking at it, we are humbled by the million-year-long journey it has taken to create such a rare specimen of one of the world’s most precious gemstones – not to mention the people who have extracted it and put all their love, passion and efforts into cutting and polishing the most mesmerizing gemstone we have ever seen” 

-Iver and Jhaleh Rosenkrantz

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With this necklace, Rosenkrantz invite us to dream of the Eastern Horizon as the central 162.50 carat emerald is crowned by a sunrise motif – reminiscent of Islamic domed architecture – a symbolic representation of Jhaleh Rosenkrantz’ heritage.

Domes are a cosmic symbol in religious customs. These hemispherical structures represented perfection, eternity and the heavens in both ancient Persia and the Hellenistic-Roman world as the design of the dome is meant to channel energy from the universe. In this necklace, the Rosenkrantz Emerald represents the earth, and the surrounding diamonds refract the precious gemstone’s energy and illuminate the dome that crowns the central emerald in divine perfection. 

The architectural influence is also felt through the reverse mirror effect the smaller emeralds and diamonds create, reflecting the light as it dances across the gemstones and highlights the larger, central stone, playing on balance, proportion and harmony with a flair for beauty.

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