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For ‘The Baroness’, Iver and Jhaleh Rosenkrantz’s journey in search of the perfect gemstones took them across the Atlantic, up in the high Andes mountains and into the lush jungles of Colombia, where the rarest and most beautiful emeralds are found. Iver and Jhaleh had a vision: to centre the design around the emeralds – their colour, shape, and brilliance. The design needed to be minimal in order to assure wearability.

After years of perseverance and dedication,  the complete layout of five matching gems became a reality, and the creation of one of the most significant pieces in Rosenkrantz’s company history could commence.

Emerald_Set_Necklace with depth.JPG

Interspersed between each of the five Colombian emeralds on the necklace is a lotus motif, marking the beginning and end of the emerald row, as well as the suspension of the largest centre emerald. Each lotus is made up of two marquise-cut diamonds and one pear-shaped diamond. The lotus is the symbol of kingship in the Middle East, referencing Jhaleh Rosenkrantz’s background – paired with the emeralds which have had regal favour for millennia. Through this harmonious balance of white and green, the symbolic materialisation of idea and recognition come together seamlessly.


Upon seeing all the emeralds together, Jhaleh Rosenkrantz decided to complete the necklace with a matching ring, its pear-shaped central emerald harmoniously presented in breathtaking beauty. 

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