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The world’s largest tanzanite and diamond necklace contains 600 carats of tanzanite and 100 carats of diamonds. Tanzanites are gemstones that are unique to Tanzania and, therefore, very close to Jhaleh Rosenkrantz’s heart.

“We got the opportunity to create the largest Tanzanite and diamond necklace in history. It was a fascinating project, but it was a lot of hard work. We spent months searching for suitable stones, going to the mines, cutting and polishing until we had reached the level of perfection we were after. The piece has more than 600 carats of Tanzanite and 100 carats of diamonds that were carefully selected and had to be the right match in colour, size and shape.”

- Jhaleh Rosenkrantz

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The Thalassa exudes the beauty and majesty of 14 exquisite Tanzanite gemstones exclusively sourced in Merelani, Tanzania. The 111-carat pear-shaped centre-stone draws immediate attention and impresses with its extraordinary sparkle and fire whilst the 14 Tanzanites are accompanied by more than 300 of the finest dazzling diamonds.

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