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Luxury and Legacy

The exquisite beauty of high jewellery lies in its ability to transcend time, capturing the essence of art and luxury in every meticulously crafted piece.


The Rosenkrantz Emerald

Mesmerizing brilliance


Epitomes of style and refinement, Rosenkrantz High Jewellery is designed by Jhaleh Rosenkrantz and created by artisans with the highest skill sets in Rosenkrantz’s ateliers. Each high jewellery piece is a testament to the unparalleled skill and creativity of the design, often taking hundreds of hours to perfect. These extraordinary creations are not just precious and valuable, but also embody the finest artistry and craftsmanship, making them true wonders of the world.

“Creating High Jewellery is a process akin to the curation of art. The perfect stone is a great canvas, and I like to work around that to create something exceptional”

- Jhaleh Rosenkrantz

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The Zimbaqua Necklace

Shimmering elegance

At Rosenkrantz, we take great pride in our craftsmanship and quality. To us, perfectionism is a way of life, It all starts at the source when we pick our gemstones and materials. Find out more about our High Jewellery

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