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Africa’s first all-women mine

Part of Rosenkrantz’ mission is to work closely with artisanal miners across the world and discover new deposits. In 2020 this philosophy inspired Jhaleh and Iver Rosenkrantz to start Zimbaqua - Africa’s first all-women mine, empowering women to ensure that we positively impact their communities. 

The Zimbaqua mine covers 50 hectares of prime mining land in the northern part of Zimbabwe. The land is rich in minerals such as tourmaline, beryl, and mica. 

Aquamarine is the green-blue to blue variety of the mineral beryl, and Zimbaqua offers aquamarine in a wide variety of shades, qualities, and sizes. Whether you are a private client looking to purchase a single gem for a piece of jewellery, or a large jewellery brand looking for regular supply, we are happy to assist.

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