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Rosenkrantz is a fine and high jewellery brand founded in Tanzania in 2016 by baron and baroness Iver and Jhaleh Rosenkrantz.

For more than a decade, Iver Rosenkrantz has been mining and sourcing gemstones in some of the most remote parts of Africa. The couple’s unique access to rare and precious gemstones inspired them to create extraordinary pieces of jewellery. Working closely with artisanal miners across the world and discovering new deposits, Rosenkrantz has first-hand access to the most exquisite gemstones.

“Knowing the source of our gems allows us to tell their stories to our clients. It also means that we are able to improve the lives of the people living at the source. Artisanal miners mine more than 80% of gemstones today, but due to the long value chain, nobody knows anything about the stone by the end of its journey. That is something we are trying to change. Gemstones are full of energy and our duty is to ensure that it is the good kind.”

- Iver Rosenkrantz

In 2020 this philosophy inspired Jhaleh and Iver Rosenkrantz to start Zimbaqua - Africa’s first all-women mine. The mine has disrupted the mining industry and made headlines all over the world, but more importantly, it has changed the lives of the women who work there and their families.


As much as Rosenkrantz is changing the narrative of the jewellery industry, the brand is deeply rooted in tradition as one of the oldest and most venerable Danish noble families, and each piece of jewellery by Rosenkrantz is signed with the family’s coat of arms. The Rosenkrantz family ancestry dates back to the beginning of the Viking era. Like most good tales it all began with a love story. In the year 650 AD the Danish Viking Prince Stygge sailed across the sea to England where he fell in love with the daughter of Prince Redundal. A forbidden love, the two had a son out of wedlock, who was born after Prince Stygge had returned to Denmark. 19 years later, the couple was reunited and married.


The two royal families are symbolised in the Rosenkrantz coat of arms by the crowned lions, while the chessboard diagonally placed across the shield separating the two lions, symbolises the risky journey Prince Stygge embarked upon, and the time that the two lovers were kept apart.

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As a responsible African jewellery company, Rosenkrantz is dedicated to sourcing precious metals and gemstones in an ethical and sustainable manner. From gold, platinum, and silver to coloured gemstones, we are committed to working with our suppliers to ensure that our mining practices align with our values and policies.

Our deep-rooted connections with our suppliers and a commitment to responsible practices allow us to source precious metals from mines we know and trust. By sourcing the majority of our diamonds directly from mines or from limited suppliers, and 50% of our gold from recycled materials, we are able to ensure the correct extraction of these precious materials.

Additionally, we work directly with small-scale and artisanal miners in East Africa to source 40-50% of our coloured gemstones, promoting fair trade and ensuring that these communities receive proper compensation for their hard work. At Rosenkrantz, we believe that traceability and responsibility should be at the forefront of the mining and sourcing of gemstones across Africa, and we strive to achieve this through our efforts.


Africa’s first all-women mine

Part of Rosenkrantz’ mission is to work closely with artisanal miners across the world and discover new deposits. In 2020 this philosophy inspired Jhaleh and Iver Rosenkrantz to start Zimbaqua - Africa’s first all-women mine, empowering women to ensure that we positively impact their communities.

The Zimbaqua mine covers 50 hectares of prime mining land in the northern part of Zimbabwe. The land is rich in minerals such as tourmaline, beryl, and mica. 

Aquamarine is the green-blue to blue variety of the mineral beryl, and Zimbaqua offers aquamarine in a wide variety of shades, qualities, and sizes. Whether you are a private client looking to purchase a single gem for a piece of jewellery, or a large jewellery brand looking for regular supply, we are happy to assist.

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