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Beyond Jewellery

Rosenkrantz is a fine and high jewellery brand Founded in Kenya in 2018 by Iver and Jhaleh Rosenkrantz.

For more than a decade Rosenkrantz have worked with artisanal miners around the world, sharing a passion for extraordinary gemstones that has brought them on incredible adventures to find rough stones and turn them into unique pieces of jewellery.

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The Pinnacle of Artistry

The ultimate fusion of precious gemstones and international influences, Rosenkrantz jewellery is crafted to last generations.

​​Rosenkrantz’s creative vision is inspired by the raw beauty and vibrance of Africa, tempered by the clean lines of Danish design. Deeply rooted in the East African red soil, Iver and Jhaleh Rosenkrantz have an ambition of sharing the stunning, but often untold stories and wonders of this enchanting continent through their jewellery collections.


Drawing inspiration from the nature and beauty of the rarest and most valuable gemstones, Rosenkrantz conceptualizes exquisite, jewellery. Contact us to book your private consultation.


At Rosenkrantz, we take great pride in creating these pieces of art and offer a one-stop-shop for the creation or re-designing of your personal coat of arms, emblem, monogram or signet.

Explore the world of bespoke jewellery with Rosenkrantz and browse through the archive of stunning pieces.

Discover the mesmerizing beauty of rare gemstones, each with its unique story, colour, and characteristics waiting to be uncovered.



Into the Blue



Kilimannjaro's Treasure

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Green Abyss

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