Engraving service: 


When we are creating custom pieces, we offer full personalization of your piece. This includes engraving of letters, numbers or symbols. Contact us for a conversation on how to add a memory of a magical moment to your piece. 






Adjustment service:


With time your jewels may need sizing or adjustments to ensure perfect fit and comfort. We are always happy to provide this service or to advise on the process. For the first 1 month of your purchase, we offer complimentary sizing. Get in touch for a consultation.






Preservation service :


Rosenkrantz is dedicated to helping you preserve your jewellery. We are always available to advise or assist with any alterations or repairs of your pieces, whether it is due to wear and tear or a wish for change. We believe jewellery is meant to be worn and enjoyed as opposed to staying in a safe or a drawer. 






Polishing service:


Any metal will tarnish and gems may fade, especially when it is being used. Some pieces are meant for special occasions and others for daily wear. Regardless it may need reviving and polish from time to time. Our team is happy to advise on how to clean your jewels or to clean them for you. Each type of gem and metal requires a specific cleaning method. Kindly consult our team for advice.






Re-Creating your jewels:


Family heirlooms have sentimental value, but from time to time you may wish to change the design and re-purpose the gems. Contact our team for a free consultation and get inspired.


"We want to ensure that you can enjoy your Rosenkrantz jewels for as long as possible. We are always available to give advise on how to maintain, store, size, repair or perhaps re-create your jewelry. Feel free to get in touch with our team for personal advice."