Named after a princess whose beauty angered the Gods, these drop earrings are designed around a rare pair of teardrop shaped Tanzanites. The pair, which is 22 carats, is accompanied by 5 carats of Diamonds. They are designed to be worn with or without the Tanzanite attachment.


A tribute to the grandeur and rarity of Tanzanite, this piece exudes regality.

Made of 13 exquisitely cut ovals and one pear shaped Tanzanite; this necklace is the largest in history consisting of over 600 carats of Tanzanite and 100 carats of Diamonds. 

Designed to resemble the stark nature of a plateau mountain and the exuberance and glamour of the 1920s, these cufflinks are made of a perfectly matching pair of emerald cut 16.55 carats Tsavorites and 10 carats of Diamonds.