Understanding Heraldry

Heraldry is the academic study of coats-of-arms worn by European nobility in Medieval times. From then on, heraldry also blossomed in to a system of identification for people’s affiliations with various characteristics. Even though heraldry is approximately one thousand years old, it is still very much in use. Subsequently, symbol-rich shields have also been used to denote regions, nations and guilds. Heraldry is based on the following parameters:


During the twelfth century, shields worn by knights fighting in court tournaments and actual battles were decorated with visual patterns and motifs, which followed a rigid rule-set for colors, proportions and text compositions. The arms helped identify the particular knight, obscured as he was by full-body armor.

•                  Composition were based on the ancestral line of a given individual – perhaps with some minor concessions and details with regards to the symbolism. 

•                  Decoration was represented by the graphics in the form of coats of arms.

•                  Historical heraldry is still a way to obtain information about the social symbolism of families or individuals.

The Rosenkrantz logo

The company logo is in fact the Rosenkrantz family's coat of arms, which is nearly 900 years old. This tells the tale of a Danish Viking prince, whom in 650 AD ventured across the seas – here, he fell in love with an English princess. The two royal families are symbolized by the crowned lions, the chessboard being the symbol of the adventurous journey of the Viking.


Signet Rings

A signet ring is one of the most important pieces of jewelry a person can own and wear. Traditionally, it is the individual’s seal, which was historically set as a mark of (legal) authenticity. Whether used to seal hot wax on an envelope or worn for identification purposes and proof of family lineage, a signet ring demands the utmost in detailed craftsmanship.

Rosenkrantz takes great pride in creating these pieces of art, whether creating or re-designing your personal coat-of-arms, emblem, monogram or signet.

Rosenkrantz’ experienced craftsmen work exclusively with the finest materials. All Rosenkrantz signet jewelry – rings, cuff-links and seals – are handmade in Italy. Contact Rosenkrantz for a personal consultation here.