Care Instructions

"We want to ensure that you can enjoy your Rosenkrantz jewels for as long as possible. We are always available to give advise on how to maintain, store, size, repair or perhaps re-create your jewelry. Feel free to get in touch with our team for personal advice."



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To extend the life of your jewelry, you must handle it with love and care. Like all precious jewels, a Rosenkrantz creation is delicate and we recommend the following guidelines and precautions for use.




Before you wear your jewelry:

  • Check that the fastening on your necklace or bracelet works without any issues,

  • Check the central stones by shaking your jewelry slightly. For the pavé, move your finger over the stones. If you hear a faint sound or feel the stones move, we recommend that you do not wear your jewelry and get the setting checked.


  • In case of any doubt, we recommend that you do not wear it and contact us for it to be checked over.




When to take off your jewelry:


  • When you wash your hands, apply perfume or use a cream. If particles get lodged in the pavé, they will be difficult to remove and will tarnish your jewelry.

  • For household chores, gardening, or other manual activities: repeated contact with household detergents and corrosive products can damage gold.

  • When you play sport, visit the beach or go swimming. Intense activity can lead to impacts, which can scratch metal and damage claw settings.




Taking care of your jewelry:



Your Rosenkrantz jewelry is precious: any impact or friction can damage it. A diamond can scratch a colored gem, a piece of metal or another diamond. In spite of their durability, gems can break under impact. When you wear your jewelry, avoid any kind of impact or friction as much as possible.




Storing your Jewelry:



  • When it isn’t being worn, your jewelry should be kept in its Rosenkrantz case or wrapped in a soft pouch to protect it from any impact or scratches. Precious jewelry can be scratched when it comes into contact with other jewelry.


  • We recommend only keeping one piece of jewelry in each case to prevent any kind of friction.


  • When you put a chain necklace or bracelet away in its box, always make sure you fasten your jewelry first to prevent any knots.




Cleaning your jewelry:

  • To make the gems on your jewelry sparkle, we recommend scrubbing them gently with a small brush with soft bristles in warm soapy water. 


  • This type of cleaning will help remove small dirt and dust particles without damaging your jewelry. If, despite cleaning, your jewelry is tarnished, please contact us. 


  • Depending on the condition of your jewelry, our workshop will restore its shine or look into the possibility of new polishing-rhodium plating.