Our story

Rosenkrantz, a Danish-African Symbiosis


The creative legacy behind Rosenkrantz jewels is inspired by the raw beauty and vibrance of Africa, yet influenced by the clean lines of Danish design simplicity.


The Rosenkrantz

 brand has its roots deeply planted in the red soil of East Africa and we are determined to tell the beautiful and untold stories of this enchanting continent.


Rosenkrantz Africa was founded in 2016, by Iver Rosenkrantz, a trained gemologist with over ten years’ experience sourcing gemstones across all parts of Africa. However, our history in Africa working in conservation and minerals goes back to 1999. 


Our History


The Rosenkrantz family legacy dates back to 650 AD, making it one of the three oldest Noble Families in Denmark. We see this heritage as an obligation to honor our ancestors and contribute positively to the livelihood of future generations and the world they will be living in. 


The Rosenkrantz logo is in fact the Rosenkrantz family's coat of arms, which is nearly 900 years old. It tells the tale of a Danish Viking prince who, in the year 650 AD ventured across the seas and fell in love with an English princess. The two royal families are symbolised by the crowned lions, while the chessboard is the symbol of the adventurous journey of the Viking.


 Every piece of jewelry from Rosenkrantz plays a part in our legend and carries the family crest as our assurance of authenticity.

Creating Luxury

Rosenkrantz takes great pride in the craftsmanship and quality of the jewelry manufactured. Perfectionism is a way of life. It all begins with the gemstones.

The beauty of a natural gemstone includes imperfections. As these inclusions tell the story of the gemstone’s journey, they are to be appreciated. Whether preserving a gemstone in its rough mineral form, or having them cut and polished, the Rosenkrantz designer and goldsmiths turn it into wearable art.


Our People

Rosenkrantz was founded in East Africa with the objective of empowering people at the mines. We hope to inspire miners; to learn from them, and to teach them as well. We respect the cultural heritage of the communities where we are present – and we strive to give back, by helping the communities with our knowledge.

Empowering women through mining while supporting health and education of children is at the heart of Rosenkrantz’ responsible business. In 2021, Rosenkrantz will launch an educational program for women about the potential of minerals in Africa.